I am so excited to announce to you guys that Wild Blue Dream is now Aligned Adventure! This is something I’ve been bursting to share with you, as it’s been over a year in the making.

It became clear to me in the early 2018 that Wild Blue Dream wasn’t just a side hustle or a passion project any more. The business was finally gaining some serious momentum. I had realized my dream of creating a business that supported me financially but also gave me the freedom to live life on my terms, and it felt amazing.

Thinking Bigger

As I began to envision what was next, I knew I was going to continue to grow, and I began thinking even bigger. I decided to work with an attorney to trademark the name Wild Blue Dream. It felt like an important next step and I was excited to do it. However, things didn’t pan out as I’d planned. It turned out that it was going to very difficult, if not impossible, to trademark the name.

I was super bummed at first, but I let go of thinking about it and was able to take on a new belief – that maybe there was a lesson waiting. Maybe I didn’t know the whole story yet and maybe something even better was coming. (This by the way is a skill that I’ve had to learn – that I have a choice in what story I create about a perceived “challenge”).

Trusting the unfolding of the process

I’m SO thankful I had grown enough in my personal journey to see this stumbling block from a different perspective. I trusted that it would all work out, one way or another. I didn’t know how, but I decided to let go of worrying about it for a while. That summer Brian and I traveled in our van for a month, and then later went to Puerto Rico for our niece’s wedding.

That fall after we returned, I was walking around my neighborhood one day, feeling playful about what was next, and how the brand might evolve. I was tossing potential new names around in my head, and suddenly it hit me like a lightning bolt – Aligned Adventure. I got goosebumps. I jumped up in the air. I couldn’t stop smiling. I said to myself, “I think this is it!”

I was heading into my holiday season, and I also wasn’t sure I was ready to make another financial commitment to the lawyer yet. Although I was excited about the new name, I put the rebranding project on hold for a while. In retrospect I can see that this was just my mind getting in the way of where my heart was leading me.

Long story short, I started the process of trademarking Aligned Adventure this spring. I had a gut feeling that it was going to work out; that the name was meant for my business. Last week I got the official news that the name was mine! Happy dance!!

Now that I’m on the other end of this section of the journey, I can look back and see that every step was meant to be. And I personally believe that the universe was giving me a push to dream bigger and to step into an even bigger, more impactful role.

Why Aligned Adventure?

For the past couple of years, I’ve been feeling a pull to do something with more purpose and to help people in ways that go beyond just fulfilling a need for cute wedding or Christmas gifts. I wanted to make a difference in the world, and I wanted to show people that they can take control of their lives and be wildly happy.

I started using my blog to share how I’ve learned to live life more deliberately after cancer. I began to write about the tools that make me feel more joyful and more in control of my life than ever (what I like to call alignment tools – more of which I will be sharing soon). I talked about what I wanted people to know most – that you can truly live your adventure and create a life that’s aligned with your wildest dreams.

I’m so pumped about how the brand is evolving and how I am going to continue to utilize it to uplift and inspire others. I don’t know all the details, but some exciting things are coming! First on the list is a new line of women’s graphic tees – watch for them launching in the next few weeks! I can’t wait!

In the meantime, make sure to follow Aligned Adventure on Instagram!