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About Us

We believe that life is meant to be wildly fun, full of big dreams, and epic adventures.

Whether you’re road tripping to the mountains, paddling a sparkling lake, or just exploring a new town, we believe that adventure has the power to reveal new dreams, fresh possibilites, and ultimately, a more purposeful life.

We believe that when you live a life that is guided by adventure and aligned with your own authentic self truth, you send joy back into the world. When one person chooses to live their adventure, they radiate positivity and stir others to do the same.

About Julia, Founder and CEO of Aligned Adventure

Hi, I’m Julia!

I’ve always been a big dreamer, and I’ve always loved exploring the great outdoors. From skiing, biking, and camping, to backpacking around the world, the adventures that began in my youth opened my mind. I started to believe anything was possible, and I knew I wanted to have anything but an ordinary life.

Several years into my career, I felt like something was missing. I had this feeling that there was more out there for me – more fun, more adventure, more freedom, and most of all – more purpose. It took a scary health diagnosis to finally kick my butt into gear and make me realize that I was given this one precious life, and it was up to me to make it incredible.

Today I feel like I am absolutely living my dream life, and I am on a mission to show you that you can too. I created Aligned Adventure to not only celebrate your adventures, but to spread positivity and empower you to make your life amazing too.