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About Julia Baldwin Taylor ~ Creator of Aligned Adventure

Two things light me up more than anything: entrepreneurship and adventure.

As a business owner, I’ve learned that the most powerful path you can take as an entrepreneur is the one that feels aligned – one that’s inspired, balanced, and lights you up every single day. It’s a winding road that’s fueled by purpose and passion, and a deep desire to create something meaningful.

While others are hustling their faces off, I’ve discovered that alignment is the true secret to success.

What does an aligned business journey look like?

  • Connecting to a huge, adventurous vision that simultaneously scares and excites you.
  • Getting present, aware, and making space for deep inspiration to flow.
  • Waking up pumped every day to work on your next project. 
  • Taking focused, inspired action instead of working long, tiring hours.
  • Nurturing yourself and taking breaks when you’re not feeling so “in the flow”.

  • Elevating yourself to new levels, achieving things wilder than you ever thought possiblewithout the hustle.

Learning to step into my own alignment has been an adventure that’s accelerated my income, deepened my connection to my purpose, and made my life a heck of a lot more fun! 

In 2019, I hit six figures for the first time in a year – while on average, working less than 30 hours per week, and traveling over 130 days with my husband. 

In February 2020, I sold my first company, so that I could make room for more of my ultimate vision to manifest (and in the process, made more money than I ever thought possible! How’s that for validation from the universe?).

I want to show you that you can have this too.

I believe that you are infinite potential, and I’m here to help you step into your own alignment so you can see what’s truly possible, and create the lucrative business, powerful impact, and dream life you were destined to have.

Through my artwork, online programs, and 1:1 coaching, my goal is to light a fire in you – so you can become the most wildly happy, abundant, successful version of you. 

XO, Julia