About Us

We are a brand on a mission to help you live a more deliberate, authentic, and adventurous life.

We believe…

that life is meant to be wildly fun, full of big dreams, and epic adventures. We believe that part of our purpose as humans is to explore who we are as individuals, grow and learn, and step into our greatest potential.

All of us are on this crazy journey called life – but with the pressure and stresses of the day-to-day, most of us have lost touch with the power we have within us to make our dreams come true. 

Unfortunately, we’ve been taught to hide, shrink, and put our desires aside. We’ve been conditioned to live our lives by other people’s rules and expectations, never pausing to reflect on what we actually, truly want for ourselves.

woman journaling
lady hiking

But here’s the thing…

…by forging your own path and aligning with YOUR authentic journey, you become an example of what’s possible. You radiate joy and inspire others to do the same, giving them permission to follow THEIR soul’s path too. You can’t help but create a ripple effect… a tidal wave of people living from a place of more purpose, authenticity, and love for the world. Imagine if everyone were to do this!

Aligned Adventure is here to provide the tools, programs, and inspiration you need to live YOUR unique life adventure.


About Julia

Founder of Aligned Adventure

Julia Baldwin Taylor is a serial entrepeneur, artist, designer, and certified transformational coach. 

A few years into her business journey, Julia and her mom were both diagnosed with ovarian cancer – the same month. This life-shattering, bizarre coincidence led Julia to examine herself from a new perspective and ask the question, “how can I live my life in a way that makes me feel the most ALIVE?”

She then embarked on an adventure of personal growth and deep inner exploration. She learned to prioritize the things that bring her the most joy, passion, and purpose – and today lives a life more beautiful (and fun!) than she could ever imagine.

It is her mission to help others reconnect with themselves at a soul level so that they can live their Aligned Adventure and create their dream lives too!