Yesterday was a BIG day for me. I celebrated 5 years of amazing health since my ovarian cancer diagnosis on January 30, 2017 – cue the confetti!

Although my cancer was caught early and I needed minimal treatment, I was still pretty freaked out. In the months following my surgery, I became overly obsessed with optimizing my health and wellness. I read countless books on nutrition and cancer prevention. I tried to control every detail of what I ate and what environmental toxins I was exposed to.

But after several months, trying to be perfect all the time became exhausting. I was stressing myself out, and often felt like I was missing out on life because of it. My gut told me that this perfectionism was doing more damage to my health than anything that I was eating or any toxins I was being exposed to. I had an intuitive sense that the stress and anxiety I was putting myself through couldn’t be good for my body.

Fast forward to the spring of 2018, and I found myself in a perpetual cycle of worry about cancer and my health. Even though I started to release some of my chronic anxiety with the help of meditation, I still had a lot of fear.

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

As a business owner, I kept hearing quotes from famous entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins, who says, “whatever you focus on is what you get.” It seemed like the universe was shouting this message to me on repeat.

I knew I’d been focusing heavily on what I didn’t want (cancer), but I couldn’t seem to get a grip on my thoughts on my own. I decided it was time to change my thought patterns once and for all, and I hired a coach.

My coach, Ginny, helped me master my thoughts by creating a morning ritual that included meditation and a daily journaling practice. Part of my practice was choosing affirmations each week about something I wanted to create in my life. Of course, the biggest thing I wanted was a healthy body that I could trust would be free of disease forever.

The Power of Positive Affirmations for Health and Wellness

The affirmations I created were immensely helpful in my journey to releasing my fear about cancer. Whenever I’d head to my doctor’s office for follow-up screenings, I’d say my affirmations aloud to myself in the car on the way there. If I felt a funny pain in my side or felt tired for no obvious reason, I’d go to my affirmations to stop myself from falling down the negativity rabbit hole.

My positive affirmations for health and wellness also have helped me:

  • Become aware of thoughts that aren’t supporting my mental or physical health, so that I can choose a different thought
  • Release the need to be perfect and control every external influence on my health
  • Feel grateful for my body and all that it allows me to do in the world
  • Trust in my body’s innate ability to heal and stay healthy
  • Relax about toxins in food and the environment, while still making healthy choices
  • Hear my intuition about what my body needs to feel good
  • Believe that I can live a long, healthy life (despite my health history!)

On top of all this, I was actually able to achieve ongoing improvements in my physical health. Here are some things that have happened since I started my morning practice with daily affirmations:

  • My 6” scar from my surgery completely disappeared – my doctor couldn’t even find it!
  • My marker for Hashimoto’s disease (an autoimmune disorder) dropped by almost half
  • I started sleeping soundly every night
  • Every one of my cancer screenings and all of my blood tests have been perfect for 5 years!

How to Use Positive Affirmations for Health and Wellness

It’s important to choose affirmations that resonate with you. If you can’t believe them or they feel fake, they won’t help you. Try to choose affirmations that you can at least somewhat believe or that you feel open to being true. Those are the ones that will help you the most.

Choose affirmations from my list below, grab my printable affirmations bundle, or make your own. Then find ways to incorporate them into your life. Here are some ideas:

  • Tape them on your fridge
  • Say them aloud in the mirror
  • Add them to your vision board
  • Put one in your car
  • Tuck one in your purse or coat pocket
  • Send one to yourself in the mail for a surprise boost later
  • Set them up as a reminders or on your phone

Write or say a couple aloud each day for maximum benefit!

32 Positive Affirmations for Health and Wellness You Can Start Using Now

  • I am excited to have a thriving, healthy body
  • I love how alive I feel in my body
  • I am grateful for my body that is getting stronger every day
  • My body is resilient
  • My body is a sacred gift
  • I appreciate both my inner and outer beauty
  • I am choosing health because I love myself
  • I am ready and available for perfect health
  • I know how to take excellent care of my mind, body, and spirit
  • I honor my body by moving it in a way that feels good
  • I am sending love to all the cells in my body
  • My body is here to support me on my journey
  • I have abundant energy for all the things I need and want to do
  • I radiate health and happiness
  • I am overflowing with vitality
  • When I show up for my body, my body shows up for me
  • I am blessed to have a body and to be alive
  • I am getting healthier and stronger every day
  • I choose positive and healthy thoughts about my body
  • I am filled with energy and passion
  • My body has a divine blueprint for healing
  • I love to take care of myself
  • I am motivated to make healthy choices
  • I am learning how to show my body lost of love
  • I listen to and honor my body
  • I am grateful for my amazing health
  • Every cell in my body is radiating health and vitality
  • It feels good to take care of my body
  • I love my incredible body
  • Every step I take makes me stronger and more resilient
  • I am allowing myself to relax into my body
  • I am at calm and at peace

If you love these affirmations, I’ve got all of them available on beautifully designed cards that you can print at home! Be sure to check out them out in my shop – I’ve got two options:

Which affirmations resonate with you the most? Which ones are you most excited to incorporate in your life? Let me know in the comments!