This post is Part 2 in the series, “How to Create Your Aligned Adventure”. Make sure to watch for the third part in the series (if you missed Part 1, you can read it here!)

Getting into alignment has totally transformed my life – it’s made me happier, calmer, healthier, more creative and inspired. It’s made my life feel more fulfilling and made me feel more deeply connected to my purpose. And the icing on the cake? I’m making more money than ever!

Last week I talked a lot about what alignment is and how it makes me feel amazing. This week I’d like to share with you how I get into alignment, even when life feels crazy busy or I’m facing something challenging. 

I’m living proof of the power of alignment to completely change your life

If you’re not convinced that developing an alignment practice can benefit you, let me share some additional things that have changed in my physical world since making alignment my #1 priority:

  • My health is nearly perfect. In the two years since starting my alignment practice, I’ve only had a couple of very mild colds. Every time I visit my oncologist or my regular doctor, they tell me how amazing I’m doing, how perfect my scans look, and how confident they are in my health. The incision from abdominal surgery is completely gone (my doc literally can’t find it!). This all feels incredible of course!
  • My anxiety has dramatically decreased. I used to say I was a person who was born with anxiety, and that it was just a part of my genetic make-up that I couldn’t change. Now, 95% of that anxiety is gone, and I truly feel free. 
  • I’ve maintained a healthy weight, without stressing about what I eat or sticking to a strict workout plan. I let my intuition guide me on what I need. I listen to that inner guidance, and staying at the same weight feels really easy.
  • My marriage is stronger. I’m so much more present, positive, energized, and relaxed, and all these things make me show up as a more supportive partner. I have more emotional space available for connecting with my husband, and our relationship just feels easier than ever.
  • My business is growing rapidly, and I’m working less than ever. My alignment has helped me become very clear about what actions will move the needle forward, and what tasks to eliminate or outsource. I’m on track to have my first 6-figure year this year, and I pretty much worked a max of 5 hours a week all summer (did I mention I’m writing this post from with my toes in the sand at a beach bar about 15 minutes from my sister’s house??). 

I’m sure that you’ve heard of some of these tools before or have even tried some of them yourself. The key to really getting into alignment is to commit to your routine (or “practice”). Taking the time each day for your alignment practice is an act of love for yourself, one that has the power to transform your life in a thousand positive ways.

Here is what my daily alignment practice looks like:


I started meditating about three years ago. I had tried it a couple of times before and hadn’t really felt any major benefits. But when my mom and I were both diagnosed with cancer in January 2017, my anxiety spiked to an all-time high, and I decided to give meditation a better shot.

I started by committing to 10 minutes a day, for 7 days straight. I told myself if I felt even marginally better, I would consider making it a part of my morning routine. It took some discipline at first, but I definitely noticed that I felt a bit more relaxed. I downloaded the Calm App on my phone, and I found the teacher’s voice to be incredibly soothing. I learned to become more aware of my thoughts and emotions, and I realized that I actually had the power to choose my thoughts and emotions.

Fast forward almost three years later, and I can’t imagine my life without meditation. It’s the one thing I do every day, even when I don’t have time for the other things in my alignment practice. It’s such a small portion of my day, but it grounds me and equips me to gracefully handle whatever life throws at me. 


Giving thanks every day for all the wonderful things in my life moves me away from negative emotions, and moves me into how I want to feel – positive, uplifted, and inspired – all feelings the truest, most authentic version of myself feels. 

Each morning, usually right after I finish my meditation, I grab my journal and my tea and I curl up in my favorite chair. I spend just a few moments writing down at least four things that I’m grateful for – it could be simple things like indoor plumbing or a fridge full of nutritious food. Or it could be for the things that REALLY feel abundant – my thriving business, my semi-nomadic lifestyle, my loving husband, my freedom, my beautiful home, my deep friendships.

The key in reaching for alignment is to really FEEL the feelings as I write out each thing I’m thankful for. I try to remember to actually write after each item, “this makes me feel ______” (loved, abundant, healthy, etc). This makes the experience so much more powerful – it not only lifts my mood, but it frees me to connect more with creative inspiration, focus, and my purpose. 


I use a visualization tool called scripting in which I write (in a journal, notepad, or a Google doc) as myself in the future, but in the past tense. So for example, I might write five years in the future and say, “This past weekend was AMAZING! We mountain biked 40 miles of singletrack each day, and sat around the fire drinking wine each night, looking up at more stars than I have ever seen before. I feel so vibrant, healthy, and full of life, and I am SO thankful to have had perfect health for the last seven years!” Again it’s all about the FEELING that the writing generates. It has the power to release fear, and allow you to step into BEING the person you want to be (i.e. vibrant, healthy).

These three simple actions connect me to my ultimate dreams and desires, right here in the present moment. I feel empowered, energized, and fired up to take on my day. I’m focused, excited, and I feel like anything is possible. 

For me, I believe that when you spend the majority of your time in an energetic space like this, you naturally attract more of what you want in life – more connections, more possibilities, more abundance, more health, more positivity – the list goes on. 

Your alignment practice does not need to look just like mine. I share mine to inspire you to create one of your own. Here are some questions to ask yourself when designing yours:

  • What makes me feel the most grounded?
  • What makes me feel like “me”? When am I most relaxed?
  • When do I feel most creative?
  • When do I feel most optimistic?
  • What makes me feel like my world is full of possibility?

If you feel comfortable, share your answers in the comments! You might just inspire someone else 🙂

If you’re not sure where to start, give one (or all) of the tools I listed a try. Carve out a few minutes a day to set yourself up for awesomeness. Don’t judge yourself and worry you’re not doing it right – there really isn’t a “wrong” way to go about it, as long as the steps you’re taking feel good.

Next week in Part III of the series, I’ll share some more things that help me feel aligned – things that I do on a regular basis, but aren’t necessarily part of my daily morning routine. Stay tuned!