I’m SO excited, because today I’ve just released something I have been working on for MONTHS – The Design Your Dream Life Digital Bundle!

If you’re ready to create wild success, happiness, and abundance in 2022, this beautiful bundle of digital goodies will help you do exactly that!

Inside, you’ll find FIVE powerful tools to start transforming your life right away:

Affirmation Cards

Empower yourself to make your dreams come true with 4 gorgeous sets of printable cards with affirmations for: Courage and Confidence, Success & Abundance, Health & Body, and Love & Relationships (32 cards in each set!).
Affirmation Cards

The Aligned Adventure Journal

Take your life to the next level and live your greatest adventure with this 12-week guided journey. Daily prompts and questions to help you finally get serious about achieving your goals!
Aligned Adventure Journal Printable

Art Prints

These minimalist, sophisticated designs will transform your space into a calming yet motivating sanctuary! Eight prints come in 3 color schemes each so you can create the perfect vibe in your office, bedroom, or living space (that’s 24 prints total!).

Vision Board Guide + Stickers

Tune into your greatest vision for your life, get creative, and make a vision board with this fun guide! 35 printable stickers are included so you can make your vision board uniquely yours.
Vision Board Stickers

Bonus Guided Visualization

Close your eyes and connect with the most successful, happy, abundant future you can imagine! The recording is relaxing yet energizing – the perfect place from which to manifest your dreams!

Wild Success Abundant Joy Visualization

If you are ready to:

  • Design a life you are absolutely obsessed with
  • Tune into your greatest potential
  • Feel more purpose and meaning in your life
  • Experience more abundance than ever
  • Feel joy and satisfaction every day
  • And live your life’s greatest adventure…

You need this bundle! 

I designed everything in this bundle based on the exercises and tools I use with my private coaching clients – people who pay $1000s to work one-on-one with me.

Not only are these printable tools beautiful to look at – they WORK. Clients I’ve helped in the past by using very similar tools have created incredible results in their lives – from taking a 9-month sabbatical to travel the world – to building a multi-million dollar business in just 12 months. The successes they’ve experienced are insane!

Ready to catapult your life into another stratosphere? 

But you’ve gotta snag it fast… because for one day only, I’m offering it at an ultra low price, and it will never be this affordable again.

If I were to sell all of these life-changing products individually they would be worth $175 in total.

And let’s be real, the fact that they were designed by a certified transformational coach (that’s me!) probably makes them worth a LOT more.

TODAY ONLY, the price is just $27 – that’s 85% off!

Tonight at 11:59 PM MT the price goes up. Don’t miss out on this incredible deal!