Taking a few minutes to use self love journal prompts is a wonderful way to let go of negative self-talk, build your confidence, and improve your mood.

If you experience anxiety or depression, journaling on self love can help relieve some of your suffering. It can boost your outlook and your faith in yourself to make improvements in your life.

I’ve been journaling since I was a teenager, but learning to focus my writing on loving myself has been a game changer. It’s helped me let go of the “shoulds”, be more compassionate with myself, release the negative self-talk that gets in the way of me being the person I truly want to be, and do the things I want to do.

Why Journaling on Self Love Helps

When you’re feeling bad about yourself, you’re tuning into low vibrational energy. No matter what negative emotion you may be feeling towards yourself – disappointment, sadness, frustration, fear – these feelings take away your power and motivation to make your life better.

When you talk to yourself in kind, compassionate ways, you open up to possibility. You connect with solutions and people who are a match to your desires. When you tune into the frequency of love, you empower yourself to take actions that move you toward your dream life faster.

Journaling on self love is a simple, tangible tool to be kinder and more compassionate toward yourself. You’ll feel more relaxed, more confident, and you’ll be amazed at all the incredible things you start to attract into your life!

Why You Should Use Self Love Journal Prompts

According to research at Stanford University, we think up to 60,000 thoughts per day. That’s a lot of chatter going on inside our heads! Getting some of those thoughts out on paper – and deliberately choosing to shift those thoughts – is a powerful tool to feel more love.

However, sitting down with a blank notebook page and trying to write about ways to love yourself will likely feel very awkward or daunting. In our society (especially if you identify as a woman) we’re taught to be modest and downplay all the great things about ourselves.

We deflect or argue with compliments more than we accept them. We’re conditioned to be hard on ourselves, and showing ourselves love and kindness simply doesn’t feel natural.

That’s why using self love journal prompts can really help. Instead of staring at a blank page, these questions can make the process so much easier.

So here are 20 self love journal prompts to give yourself a boost right now, so you can start manifesting more of the things and experiences you want to have!

20 Self Love Journal Prompts

20 Self Love Journal Prompts:

  1. What’s a simple thought you can think to show yourself some love? How do you want to remind yourself to think this loving thought on repeat?
  2. List 3 things you love about your body and why. If this one’s hard, start really basic with things like, “I love my legs, because they allow me to walk outside and feel the sun on my skin”.
  3. What do you feel like doing today/this week? Pick something just because you want to do it, not because you have to or someone else wants you to do it. Put it on your calendar.
  4. In what area do you struggle to accept yourself? What’s a thought you can think to move just a little bit in the direction of accepting yourself in that area?
  5. List at least 3 things you love about who you are being in the world. Think of character traits, like “I’m really patient with others”, or “I’m fun-loving”.
  6. Imagine yourself giving a friend a loving and compassionate pep talk. Now imagine that you’re giving that pep talk to yourself. What things would you say to make yourself feel good?
  7. What makes you uniquely “you?” What makes you special?
  8. What’s something you tell yourself you should’ve done differently? How can you shift this story to be more compassionate with yourself?
  9. When do you feel most relaxed? Describe in detail what that experience feels like.
  10. How do you compare yourself to others? What can you tell yourself to let go of the comparison patterns? What’s a story you can tell that feels kinder than the one you’ve been playing in your head?
  11. What uplifting, sacred ritual would you like to implement into your daily routine?
  12. What’s something you need to forgive yourself for?
  13. What’s a positive way you’ve grown as a person in the last year?
  14. What’s one way you are repeatedly hard on yourself? List at least 5 positive things you can say to yourself the next time you catch yourself beating yourself up.
  15. What’s a small way you can start to be kinder to yourself as you move through your day today?
  16. What’s a way you’ve shown yourself some love in the last week/month (This can be big or small!)? What similar things would you like to do on a regular basis?
  17. Remember a time when you felt really confident. Imagine what the confidence felt like in your body. What did it feel like?
  18. When do you feel happiest?
  19. What’s something you can do to honor and/or put yourself first today? Again, this can be big or small. It can be as simple as writing yourself a one-sentence love note and putting it in your pocket or purse. It doesn’t have to be complicated or even cost any money.
  20. Spend at least 5 minutes free writing about your dream life. Give yourself the space to just dream, without judgment or trying to figure out how you’ll make anything happen.

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