There are so many awesome manifestation tools out there – visualization, meditation, journaling, gratitude, calibration, affirmations – and they can all help you create the life of your dreams.

But one tool in particular has been incredibly powerful for me, accelerating my success in every area of my life –  work, money, love, health, and happiness.

That tool is scripting, and it’s by far the #1 thing I do on a regular basis to make my dreams my reality!

What is Scripting?

Scripting is the process of writing (or speaking) about your life in the future, AS IF it’s already happened. You write about the experiences you want to have, what your life is like, but in the PAST tense. This gets you familiar with the experience of living your dream life, before you’ve had it, and helps you start BEING the person who already has everything that she wants.

Why Scripting for Manifestation Works

Scripting rewires your brain so that you start experiencing your reality differently. It helps you connect with your desires on a deeper level so that you’re inspired to take action toward making them happen.

Scripting neurologically opens you up to seeing new opportunities you didn’t know were there before. It builds your intuitive muscle so that you tune into things you hadn’t previously noticed.

Perhaps you just feel pulled to go to a different coffee shop, and you end up meeting someone who introduces you to your soulmate 2 weeks later. Or you serendipitously stumble upon a new business idea that feels really exciting, and before you know it you’re quitting your job because you’ve replaced your income doing something you absolutely love.

Most importantly, it helps you align energetically with all the things that you want to create – meaning you think thoughts, feel emotions, and develop beliefs that support your ultimate vision.

A Quick Example of Scripting for Manifestation

Here’s a short example of what scripting can sound like:

“Yesterday was such an amazing day! I only worked for about 3 hours and I got so much done. I was totally lost in the flow and felt so creative. After lunch my partner and I went for a long bike ride. It was so beautiful out; the weather was just perfect and I felt so energetic. I loved the warmth of the sun on my skin as we stopped to admire the ocean. While we were taking a break, my agent called and said that the publisher we’ve been talking to has offered me $100K for my book – and that’s just the advance!! I feel so much gratitude, so much excitement, like everything is falling into place! After we finished our ride, we headed to our favorite beach bar to celebrate. We ran into a couple friends and they joined us in the celebration – it was so much fun! What an absolutely incredible day!! I feel so happy, so fulfilled, so alive!”

Want to read real-life examples of scripting for manifestation? Check out this post where I share three REAL examples of scripts I wrote in the past that helped me manifest amazing things in all areas of my life – work, money, love, travel, health, and wellness.

Emotion: The Secret Ingredient to Make Your Scripting and Manifestation Extra Powerful

What makes scripting even more powerful? Filling your writing with lots of feel-good feelings!

Start by identifying what positive emotions you want to feel in your life. Think about what you’ll experience when you have everything you want. Whether it’s freedom to travel, positive impact on the world, a happy and healthy family, deep soulmate love (or all of the above!) – identify what that experience will be like and what feelings you’ll have.

If you read the example above, you’ll see how much emotion is injected into it:

  • Flow / creativity
  • Energy
  • Gratitude
  • Excitement
  • Fun
  • Happiness
  • Fulfillment
  • Aliveness

How To Start Scripting for Effortless Manifestation

It doesn’t matter what emotions you include, as long as they feel good and inspired to you. The idea is to make your writing feel JUICY. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling, just let the words flow (no one will be reading this except for you!).

You’ll notice that as you connect with the experience of your future life, you’ll start to feel the feelings NOW. And this is exactly what will help you start to attract all the things you want. This feeling place is called your “point of attraction”, and the more you can maintain this high vibration, the faster you’ll manifest. What you feel NOW is SO powerful!

How To Get Started with Scripting for Manifestation

Grab your favorite beverage, your laptop or a journal, and get cozy. Find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. Let yourself dream.

You can script using any timeframe in the future, but I recommend starting 3-5 years out in the future. Why? Because it’s far enough away that your brain can believe it’s possible – you won’t have as many thoughts like “there’s just no way that could happen” (like if you were to script about winning the lottery one month from now!). 3-5 years will allow you to be more open, and it’ll be easier to get creative. It’s also not so far out that it’s hard for your brain to imagine – it’s close enough that your mind can grasp onto the possibility.

The first time you script, it may or may not come naturally – that’s ok. Commit to being patient with yourself. You may only write a paragraph, or you might write a whole page. For some people it might take a few days or weeks of regular practice before it becomes easy.

scripting for manifestation

How Often You Should Script

The answer to this question is ultimately up to you – you might only have time to do it once a week, and that’s ok. However, think of this as an investment – one that’s going to help get you closer and closer to your dream reality. The more you invest, the more you reap the benefits. If you wanted a 6-pack, you wouldn’t just do crunches once in a while – you’d do them on a regular basis. Think of scripting as exercise for your brain, something that helps you become a more and more powerful manifestor!

Personally, I aim to script at least 4-5 days per week. Most days I spend 10-15 minutes, other days I spend more when I’m really feeling especially into the process. I love how scripting connects me to my future life on a regular basis – one that’s filled with love, purpose, abundance, adventure, and fulfillment. I feel more inspired to take action towards my dreams, and more things just fall into place for me – it’s truly like magic!

Remember these important things:

  • Write in the past tense
  • Include the positive emotions you want to feel
  • Get creative and have fun
  • Commit to investing in yourself

Need some help getting started? I created an amazing free download for you – 62 scripting prompts! Grab it now:

Have questions about scripting? Post them in the comments and I’ll answer them for you! I’d love to help you manifest your dreams!