Scripting is one of the most powerful manifestation tools you can invest your time in – and one of my favorites!

Never heard of scripting before? Check out my post all about adding a scripting manifestation practice to your daily routine!

After you read some of my personal examples of scripting (below!) and what my scripts have helped me manifest, you’ll be pumped to start your own scripting practice!

From money and work, to travel and adventure, to love and relationships, to health and wellness – scripting can help you create it all. The sky is the limit!

Things I’ve Personally Manifested with the Help of Scripting

I started scripting in 2018, and since then I’ve manifested some incredible things! Here are just a few of them:

  • A record sales day in my business where I DOUBLED my previous income record for one day
  • A surprise check for $4,048 (plus many others!)
  • Countless travel adventures and trips that are completely paid for
  • A deeper connection with my husband and a stronger marriage
  • Release of 95% of my anxiety
  • Near-perfect health and a body I love (in case you don’t know my story, I was diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer in 2017, so this is a big deal!)

The Most Important Element of Scripting for Effective Manifestation: Emotion

As you’re writing about your future life, describing it as though it’s already happening, the most important element to include is the emotion you’re experiencing along the way. Writing your feelings about what’s happening is incredibly powerful in helping you manifest the things that you want.

You know how when you watch a scary movie and you are literally feeling tense and freaked out in your body as the main character opens the door with the monster on the other side? Your body doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and imagined!

When you start to feel the positive emotions that your future self experiences now, it works the same way – your body doesn’t know the difference. Your brain floods your body with feel-good chemicals and you start to change who you are at a cellular level. And you naturally start to think and behave like the future version of you who has everything she wants!

As you read through my real-life scripting examples, make sure to notice how much emotion is injected into my writing.

One emotion that you’ll see over and over again is gratitude. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations you can feel, so it is especially powerful in creating what you want!

Real-Life Scripting Manifestation Examples

Here are three REAL examples of scripts that I wrote that helped me manifest some amazing things! These examples demonstrate the power that scripting has to help you manifest your desires in every area of your life – work and money, travel and adventure, love and relationships, even in your health and wellness!

Scripting Manifestation Example #1: Money and Work

A couple years ago I had a wedding stationery brand (which I later sold!). This is a script from that period of time when I wanted to manifest more sales, and I also wanted it to feel easy.

Prior to when I wrote this script, my sales record for one day had been around $900. I kid you not, the DAY AFTER I wrote this script, I more than DOUBLED my previous record and made $1,955 the next day!

“This past week has been incredible. I have been getting sales left and right. My shop has really taken off! I had five new stationery orders yesterday, and three so far today. I love how easy it’s felt too – every order has been simple and straightforward and a joy to fulfill. I literally made $1000 for about an hour of work. My customers are so easy to please and they’ve absolutely swooned when their order has arrived – they’ve immediately sent me messages about how in love they are with their invitations. I feel incredible! I’m on fire! I am SO thankful for all the easy, lucrative business that has flowed my way recently!”

Other than writing this script, I took no additional action – all I did was align my energy with what I wanted, and it came to me almost immediately!

Now does the manifestation happen this fast every time I script? Of course not. A lot of times there’s more of a gestation period between when I script and when my desire flows into my life. The key is to let it unfold naturally. If you start to have negative emotion, like if you’re freaking out about when the manifestation is going to show up, that energy takes away from your positive momentum and weakens your alignment.

Scripting Manifestation Examples - Work and Money

That’s why scripting is most powerful when you have a consistent practice. Just 10 minutes a day can help you build massive momentum in the direction you want to go!

Scripting Manifestation Example #2 – Love & Travel

“Last month Brian and I spent 7 days backpacking with zero cell service in British Columbia. I felt so unplugged from the world, yet so connected to him and to myself. We had some of our best conversations and I felt more in love with them than ever. I felt so calm and peaceful out there in the mountains with barely anyone around. And I felt so confident that all was well in my business and that Sophie was taking excellent care of customers for me. I’m so grateful to get to take time off and really unplug and have these amazing adventures in nature. That feels healthy. I feel supported. It’s so satisfying to look back at everything I’ve created!”

I wrote this script in 2019 before I had a virtual assistant or any plans to go backpacking, but I knew I wanted to experience the freedom of being off the grid for a week in nature and having an incredible adventure with my husband, which at the time was impossible unless I completely shut my business down while I took a break.

Fast forward to January 2020: Brian and I took the trip of a lifetime to backpack for 7 days – not in British Columbia, but in Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia! As much as I love BC, this was even better!! And by then I had a VA in place which allowed me to totally relax and trust my business was running smoothly while I was disconnected from the world (her name is Sydney, not Sophie – but she’s awesome and is still with me today!). The trip was absolutely one of my and Brian’s top trips together! From exploring glacier country and sharing dinners with travelers from around the world, to dreaming and connecting with each other on long hikes each day, it blew our minds. The whole experience felt amazing and we’ll cherish our memories on that trip forever.

Scripting Manifestation Examples - Our Trip to Patagonia!

If you go back and read my script about backpacking off the grid, you can see that it captures the essence of what I actually manifested. While some of the details are different, the FEELING is very similar – but even better. We actually spent 6+ weeks total in Patagonia – our backpacking trip was only part of the adventure!

Scripting Manifestation Example #3 – Health & Release of Anxiety

As I mentioned earlier, I was diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer in early 2017. Although I was fortunate to only need minimal treatment (just surgery), you can imagine that after I lived with a lot of fear. My mom had actually been diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer the same month, so I was plagued with a lot of anxiety around my health and hers.

This was a major motivation for me to start on my journey of learning about manifestation in the first place in early 2018. I kept hearing things like “you get what you focus on”, and I knew deep down that my fear and anxiety weren’t serving me. I’d read about how your thoughts can actually influence your biology, so I was ready to make a change.

I hired an amazing coach who helped me learn all about manifestation and start gaining control over my thoughts. A big part of that was learning to script so that I could focus my attention on what I wanted (perfect health), not what I didn’t want (cancer).

Here’s what I scripted 3.5 years ago when I was working with her:

“Last week was the 5-year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis and surgery and I completely forgot about it until the following week when I had my screening with my doctor. I feel so relaxed about my health now, the date came and went and I didn’t even think about it – amazing! Of course the appointment went great and my doc said my left ovary “looks beautiful”. All my bloodwork came back perfectly. At this point I just expect things to unfold this way, because I feel so confident in my body’s ability to heal itself. I have so much energy yet feel so calm and peaceful. I’m in the best shape of my life and I love my body so much. I’m so grateful for all the experiences my body lets me have – biking, eating delicious food, making art, traveling the world, laughing with friends.”

About two months after I wrote that script, I was in the shower and I looked down at my abdomen, and I couldn’t find the scar from my surgery! My body had healed so well it was like I never even had surgery in the first place – even my doctors were blown away by the scar’s disappearance. 

Since then every single one of my screenings has gone perfectly. Some strange bumps that showed up on my stomach before I started learning about manifestation and scripting disappeared a few months later. Even my marker for Hashimoto’s disease (which I was diagnosed with a few months after cancer), has dropped dramatically and I’ve never experienced any thyroid symptoms or needed any treatment.

My anxiety is almost completely gone – not just the anxiety I experienced around my health, but in general, too. I lived with anxiety since the 7th grade, and now almost 30 years later it rarely rears its head.

Scripting Manifestation Examples - Amazing Health

I’m less than 2 months away from the 5-year anniversary of my diagnosis, and I’m completely relaxed and confident about my health. My body is vibrant and I have more energy than ever. I’m 41 years old and have just one silver hair on the top of my head; the rest of my hair is thick and rich in natural color. I’ve had only a couple of minor colds in the last four years and I’ve stayed strong and healthy throughout the pandemic. Possibly the most significant thing is that I feel more at peace than ever, even when life presents me with stress and challenges. I feel amazing!

Scripting is an investment in yourself and your future

If you haven’t already figured it out, scripting is one of the most impactful things you can do to move towards creating your dream life. It’s an investment in yourself and your future – one that has the potential to bring you unlimited joy, success, abundance, and love. No matter what desires are on your heart, scripting is a powerful tool that can help you start manifesting everything that you’ve ever wanted!

Need help? Download 62 Scripting Prompts for Free!

Sometimes when you’re just getting started (or even if you’ve been at it a while!) you can use a little help with your scripting. If you’re not sure what to script about, these prompts will help you get the creative juices flowing so you can start manifesting your wildest reality now!

I’ve included prompts for every area of your life – money and abundance, work and contribution, love and relationships, fun and adventure, health and wellness, and personal growth.

I’d love to know what you’re working on manifesting and what you’re excited to script about. Share your takeaways from this post in the comments and let us know what your big dream is that you’re pumped for scripting to help with!