This post is Part 3 in the series, “How to Create Your Aligned Adventure”.

Ironically, when I first sat down to start writing this series, I wasn’t feeling hugely inspired. I knew intellectually what I wanted to say, but the words just weren’t flowing.

Instead of strapping myself to my desk and struggling to figure out what to write, I reached for alignment. I shut my laptop and drove to a nearby trailhead. I started walking, and almost immediately I could feel myself opening up. Once I focused on the beauty around me and doing something fun (and moving my focus away from having to figure something out), the ideas started flowing. 

Walking in nature is just one of the tools I use in addition to my daily morning alignment practice, which I described in last week’s post. Here are some more go-to tools I use to elevate my mood, get into a more positive energetic space, and to support my overall well-being.

Moving my body

A quick stroll on my neighborhood path

Back when I worked for someone else, I used to sit at my desk for 8 or 10 hours a day, barely getting up to go to the bathroom. There were days when I’d eat all 3 meals at my desk, and save exercise for the end of the day.

These days I still spend a lot of time at the computer, but I’ve learned how much quick movement breaks help re-energize me and get me back to a creative, inspired place. It might be a short stroll around my block, a 5-minute dance party in my living room, or a few simple yoga poses to get the blood flowing. I also have an adjustable height desk that I try to stand at for a portion of each day.  


Getting out for a fun adventure lets inspiration flow

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on a mountain bike ride, paddling a river, or out skiing, immersed in having fun, and suddenly a huge idea hit me. Many times I’ve had to stop and write myself a note or record a voice memo, because an idea was THAT good (I like to call these ideas “divine downloads”). Adventures make me feel so relaxed and present, and just make me feel like myself. This is the perfect state for creativity and ideas to flow!

Adventures don’t necessarily have to involve risk or thrill-seeking (i.e. shredding a double black diamond) if those things aren’t your jam. Sometimes just getting into the car and driving to a town that you haven’t explored before can be enough of a break from routine to shake things up and lift you up to a better place.

Getting Off the Grid

Camping out in a canyon with no cell service

For me, there’s just something magical about driving to the middle of nowhere where there’s no cell signal or wifi. Getting off the grid makes me feel more connected – not only to the people around me, but to the version of myself who is in love with my life and radiates positivity. I love how escaping the grid lets me forget about my daily cares and the mundane responsibilities of my life.

If you live in an urban area where getting disconnected from cell service takes more effort, try deliberately leaving your phone behind for a day. It can feel uncomfortable at first, but I have learned to absolutely love it. I don’t catch myself mindlessly frittering time away on social media or checking my sales stats every 15 minutes. Instead I’m free to focus on what (and who!) is in front of me in the present moment, and that makes my life feel richer.

Now It’s Your Turn…

What do you do to reach for alignment? How do you lift yourself up when your energy is low? What do you do to reconnect with yourself and get grounded? Share in the comments!