This post is Part 1 in the series, “How to Create Your Aligned Adventure”. Make sure to catch the next 2 parts in the series, coming weekly!

My life is truly amazing – I travel all over the world, I have a successful business, I’m healthier than ever, and I have a loving marriage that seems to just keep getting better all the time. I have complete freedom of time and place, and I get outside to play almost every day. 

I’m deeply grateful for the life I’ve created, and I don’t take anything for granted. But my life wasn’t always this awesome. 

Looking back, I went through some very shitty times. I was in jobs I hated for 3+ years. I broke my femur and needed two surgeries, the recoveries for which were long and arduous. Two years of my marriage were so challenging, there were moments I questioned if we’d make it or not.

The most profound obstacle in my life was when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, just 27 days after my mom was diagnosed with a more advanced stage of the same disease. It felt like my life had fallen apart, and I felt completely out of control. I sunk into a deep depression, and there were moments I felt more anxious than I ever had in my life. 

But about two months later, I started to wake up. I had so much gratitude for being alive and for getting to the other side of a horrifying diagnosis, relatively unscathed. I realized that it was up to me to make this precious life I was given into something phenomenal. That’s when I started to get really intentional, and to honor what I wanted in life, living life on no one’s terms but my own.

I didn’t know it at the time, but that’s when I began my journey to alignment

What is alignment?

Alignment is when you are in sync with the truest, deepest, highest, most authentic version of yourself. You’re connected with who you are meant to be on a deep, soulful level. Your thoughts, emotions, and actions line up with the best possible version of yourself and your wildest, biggest dreams.

To me, alignment feels like a relaxed, happy state. I feel creative, ideas flow, and I feel inspired. I feel at harmony with the world around me, and I feel peaceful but energized. 

Alignment is the opposite of “fight or flight” mode, or the stressed-out survival patterns that so many of us have fallen into in modern life. It’s the opposite of struggling, hustling, or trying to force something to happen. In alignment, life feels easy and flowing.

Why I make my alignment my #1 priority

Life can get crazy sometimes. There are so many pressures from the outside world to “do” life a certain way, so many influences that tell us how we “should” be living. If you’re not consciously creating a life that’s in alignment with what you want, you’ll at some point inevitably find yourself unfulfilled and unhappy. 

Alignment is about more than just physically bridging the gap from where you are now to where you want to be. It’s about more than just setting a goal to be happier and making a plan to get there. It’s about getting to a place that feels good now, that connects you in the present to that future self who is living their most amazing life. 

When I make my alignment my #1 priority, here’s what happens:

  • My mind’s chatter fades into the background
  • Anxieties and fears dissipate
  • My limiting beliefs disappear
  • I’m more productive
  • I feel more relaxed
  • I’m more creative
  • I sleep better
  • I’m more inspired
  • I’m more in tune with my body
  • I’m better connected to my intuition
  • I feel like I’m on the path to living to my fullest potential and my purpose
  • Life just feels easier
  • I believe ANYTHING is possible and my world opens up!

I mean, who wouldn’t want all of this? 

If you’re going through a challenging time or are totally stressed out right now, you might think I sound crazy to tell you that you can have all this and more. But the good news is that even if you feel like you’ve lost sight of your deepest desires and greatest dreams, you can start getting back on track right now.

Fortunately, alignment doesn’t just happen to those who are lucky. You can actively choose to start stepping into alignment right this minute. You can consciously take small actions every day to make your life feel better, and step onto the path you were meant to take, a little bit at a time. 

I have a daily morning routine which sets my vibe for the day, a state of being that’s full of positivity and possibility. Next week, I’ll share the details of what my routine, or my alignment practice, looks like, and how you can develop one of your own.

Finally, I’m a big believer in the power of FUN, and I know how much it contributes to my alignment and makes me feel better. Tell me in the comments, what adventure or fun thing can you plan this week that is going to make your life feel more amazing??

This post is Part 1 in the series, “How to Create Your Aligned Adventure”. Make sure to catch the next 4 parts in the series, coming weekly!