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What if  I told you that you could have it all?

Freedom. Purpose. Success. Adventure. Money. Ease. Love. Health. Time for You.

Without the hustle. Without working 24/7. Without the burnout. 

It sounds counterintuitive, right?

Over the past 3+ years, I’ve learned a BETTER way of running my business.

I’ve discovered a way to work less and actually make more money. I’ve made FUN and ADVENTURE my priorities, instead of the hustle. And my business has skyrocketed. 

Last year, I made 6 figures. This February, I sold one of my companies – for nearly $50K.

Doors just keep opening, opportunites keep showing up, and my income keeps growing – and it’s not because I’m working harder. 

What’s my secret?

Rewind to 2017.

I got the shock of my life – cancer. It was one of the scariest, darkest times of my life. As you can imagine, I did some serious soul searching. And I had a HUGE epiphany.

Life isn’t about working your ass off all the time – it’s about spending time with loved ones, having fun, and living one epic adventure! It’s about travel and exploring, connecting with others, and having absolutely zero regrets at the end of it all.

When I made these things my priority, something magical happened. I scaled my hours way back, and my business EXPLODED. And since then, my sales have continued to grow exponentially each year, even though I always put fun, travel, and adventures first. 

I want to help you do the same.

I want to teach you what I’ve learned over the past 3 years and help you build a profitable business you’re totally in love with, and a life that feels balanced, easy, and fun.

The first step? Believing this is possible for YOU.

I want you to know that you can have everything you want, with total ease and flow. That you can have a purposeful business you’re passionate about, an incredible income, and plenty of time for all the experiences and people you love.

That’s why I created this printable art set for you.

I want you to be wildly successful. I want you to love your life. I want you to have it all.

I designed these art prints to remind you that you already have what it takes. When you print them out and hang them up in your home (or just add as your phone or laptop background!), I want you to remember that you deserve to have everything you want: freedom, abundance, impact, adventure, ease, health, loveanything you can think of! 

Who the heck am “I”?

I’m Julia Taylor, creator of Aligned Adventure. I’m a wanderlusting, outdoors-loving artist, coach, and writer from Colorado. I’m a perpetual optimist and believer in the infinite good of humanity and the universe.

Over the past several years, I’ve learned how much power we have as individuals – to create profitable, purposeful businesses, to make our lives amazing, and to be wildly happy. By making just a few simple shifts in my own mindset, I’ve completely transformed everything in my life – my health, relationships, business, marriage, wealth, and spiritual path – all for the better.

What is Aligned Adventure?

Aligned Adventure is a brand on a mission to empower you to step into the most passionate, fulfilled, successful business owner you can possibly be. You can truly have it all, and we believe it at our core!


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